IT consultancy

Just like everything in nature, IT systems have a life of their own.

Starting from a concept, they grow quickly into a first product and evolve into essential tools for the daily lives of people.

Our expertise lies in controlling every small step of this process. From idea to full product.

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With over 10 years of software development experience, there is an extensive list of technologies, tools & frameworks at our disposal to create the best possible implementation of your applications.

This list is but a small summary of the full tree of knowledge:

  1. +Java/JEE/Spring

  2. +JavaScript/jQuery/ExtJS/GWT/Flex/ColdFusion

+ Oracle DB/MySQL

+ Weblogic/Tomcat/Glassfish/Jetty

+ Subversion/CVS/Jira/IntelliJ/Eclipse/NetBeans/PhotoShop/OpenOffice


+ PhoneGap/ObjectiveC (iPhone/iPad/Mac)

+ Inversion of Control/AOP/UI Mocking /Split Development

+ Agile Methodology/Evolutionary design/User-centric design

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